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The Kingdom Of God - Columbus County, N.C.

three stages of islam

Knowing the doctrinal difference between the terms
"Kingdom of Heaven" and "Kingdom of God"
 is the key to understanding

Every Person should learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.

The Truth About The "Precious Blood" Of Jesus Christ

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Prayer, Government And The Law

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A Facebook Conversation
Prayer, Government And The Law

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Church Name:
Abraham ChurchFreeman

5384 James B White Highway South,  Whiteville, NC 28472  (910) 642-5003

Aglow International
Whiteville N.C. 910-642-8932

Antioch ChurchNakina
Antioch ChurchNakina
Atkinson TempleChadbourn NE
Barefoot Church Whiteville
Barefoot Church Whiteville Campus
28 S Whiteville Vlg 

(910) 640-1445
Whiteville NC 28472

Bethesda ChurchFreeland
Boardman ChurchEvergreen
Bristol Creek ChurchPireway
Butler Branch Baptist ChurchFair Bluff
Campside ChurchNakina
Cape Fear ChurchAcme
Cedar Grove ChurchChadbourn NE
Cedar Grove ChurchCerro Gordo
Cedar Hill ChurchChadbourn
Central ChurchEmerson
Cerro Gordo Baptist ChurchCerro Gordo
Chadbourn Baptist ChurchChadbourn
Chadbourn Church of GodChadbourn
Chadbourn Pentecostal Holiness ChurchChadbourn
Chadbourn Presbyterian ChurchChadbourn
Chadbourn United Methodist ChurchChadbourn
Chadwick ChurchNakina
Cheerful Hope ChurchFreeman
Cherry Grove Baptist ChurchTabor City West
Cherry Grove ChurchWhiteville
China Grove ChurchChadbourn
Christ the King ChurchAcme
Christian Plain ChurchClarkton
Clarendon ChurchTabor City East
Corinth ChurchChadbourn
Crystal Spring ChurchAcme
Cypress Branch ChurchFair Bluff
Dulah Mormon Church 
Emmanuel ChurchTabor City East
Fair Bluff Baptist ChurchFair Bluff
Faith ChurchNakina
Faith ChurchPireway
Faith Lighthouse ChurchCerro Gordo
First Baptist ChurchChadbourn
Forest Lawn ChurchTabor City East
Gore ChapelFreeland
Gores ChapelPireway
Happy Home ChurchPireway
Hickory Grove Baptist ChurchFair Bluff
Highway ChurchEvergreen
Honey Hill ChurchLake Waccamaw

Horace Grove Baptist ChurchEvergreen
Ironhill ChurchGoretown
Jerusalem ChurchChadbourn
Lebanon ChurchTabor City

Lee ChapelLake Waccamaw

Lennons Crossroads ChurchChadbourn NE
Living Word ChurchChadbourn
Livingston ChurchFreeman
Love Grove ChurchClarkton
Macedonia ChurchEvergreen
Macedonia ChurchOld Dock
Magnolia ChurchOld Dock
Mill Branch ChurchTabor City

Mill Branch ChurchWhiteville
Mount Calvary ChurchChadbourn NE
Mount Elgrim ChurchTabor City

Mount Hebron ChurchLake Waccamaw

Mount Moriah ChurchCerro Gordo
Mount Olive ChurchLake Waccamaw

Mount Pleasant ChurchFreeman
Mount Sinai ChurchTabor City East
Mount Tabor Presbyterian ChurchCerro Gordo

Church Name:
Mount Zion ChurchChadbourn
Mount Zion ChurchKelly
Mount Zion ChurchClarkton
Mount Zion ChurchChadbourn
Nakina ChurchPireway
New Hope ChurchWhiteville
New Hope Baptist Church
New Hope Baptist Church

Where there Children are first, always

252 Rough and Ready Rd
Whiteville, North Carolina

(910) 642-6345

New Light ChurchLake Waccamaw
New Light ChurchPireway
North Whiteside ChurchClarkton
Old Dock ChurchOld Dock
Old Zion ChurchPireway
Open Door ChurchPireway
Our Lords ChapelChadbourn
Pages Mill ChurchCerro Gordo
Palmyra ChurchOld Dock
Peace ChurchWhiteville
Peace United ChurchClarkton
Pentecostal Free Will Baptist ChurchTabor City
Pine Grove ChurchChadbourn NE
Pine Level ChurchPireway
Piney Forest ChurchCerro Gordo
Piney Grove ChurchFreeman
Pleasant Hill ChurchChadbourn
Pleasant Meadow ChurchNakina
Pleasant Plains ChurchNakina
Pleasant Plains ChurchNakina
Pleasant Union ChurchPireway
Poley Bridge ChurchNakina
Porter Swamp ChurchCerro Gordo
Pridgen ChurchChadbourn
Primitive ChurchPireway
Red Hill ChurchFreeman
Rehoboth ChurchEmerson
Riverside ChurchPireway
Rose Hill ChurchChadbourn
Safe Harbor Youth Center
Whiteville NC
Safe Harbor Youth Center

107 S Maultsby St
Whiteville, N.C.28472
Phone (910) 642-0130
Saint James ChurchEmerson
Saint John ChurchChadbourn
Saint Paul Church West
Lake Waccamaw
Saint Paul ChurchWhiteville
Sandy Grove ChurchFair Bluff
Sandy Plain ChurchGoretown
Sandy Plain ChurchEmerson
Shiloh ChurchOld Dock
Shiloh Church West
Lake Waccamaw
Smith Chapel East
Lake Waccamaw
Smyrna ChurchChadbourn NE
Snowhill ChurchGoretown
Spring Branch ChurchWhiteville
Spring Hill ChurchChadbourn
Sweet Home ChurchNakina
Tabor City Baptist Church
    200 Live Oak Street
    Tabor City,
North Carolina    28463
Temple ChurchChadbourn NE
Trinity Faith TabernacleChadbourn NE
Union Chapel East
Lake Waccamaw
Union ChurchEmerson
Union Grove ChurchFreeman
Union Valley ChurchWhiteville
United Holy Temple ChurchChadbourn
Methodist Church

PO Box 28 
Hallsboro, NC 28442
(910) 646-4105
Welch Creek ChurchClarkton
Wesley ChurchAcme
West Whiteville ChurchWhiteville
Western Prong ChurchClarkton
Weyman ChapelKelly
White Marsh ChurchWhiteville
Whiteville Church Of God
Zion ChurchPireway
Zion Plain ChurchPireway
Zion Wall Free Will Baptist ChurchChadbourn

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