Cape Fear Rescue League

Re: Help for Patricia Lambert and Jimmy Soles

Our neighbors are Jimmy Soles and Patricia Lambert. Jimmy had a severe accident on Monday, November 19th. He is a local Water Well Driller who drills wells for three counties.His coat sleeve caught on a "cog that had a chain on it" and his right arm was almost torn off from the shoulder down. His hand was broken in several places and has metal pins holding it together. He has had three surgeries, and skin grafts. He will need many more surgeries to restore his arm as much as it can be restored. Deron, a friend that was with Jimmy listened and made the right moves to shut down the machine and backed Jimmy's right arm out from the cogs.The drill was about to completely pull Jimmy into the gearing. Jimmy is right handed and his right arm was hurt. He was bruised up to his neck.

Jimmy is tough, and had never felt pain before this.We know that God has kept him alive during this horrendous injury. Pat has been at the hospital with him for days. The doctors released him to come home but, Pat and Jimmy have to travel back and forth three to four times a week to be checked and re-bandaged. The doctors are watching his healing closely, and will not release them to any local home care. They say that it will take at least a year or more of surgeries to restore him as much as possible. Jimmy was not covered under any workman's comp. and like many of us, they have NO INSURANCE. Jimmy has never been sick or hospitalized for anything. He only takes his special vitamins recommended by Dr. Oz. He has always been in perfect health until this happened.

Pat has stood for animal rights and served freely in this for decades. Jimmy has helped people with water wells and allowed payments on a man's word, treating others as he would want to be treated. He has been a quiet partner backing Pat's animal rights and helped her to help wounded and sick cats, dogs, and even horses. He has buried those animals who did not make it, with Pat crying. Pat has traveled these three counties to rescue and help any who needed her help with animals,and has freely shared wisdom with many rescue groups, humane societies, and the NC New Lease On Life, prison program. She has used her personal car to do this traveling. Her car is in the dying stage; of drive it, fix it, drive it, fix it, etc. She has many more miles to go for Jimmy's care, and the needs of her non-profit rescues. Pat and Jimmy are at a hard place where there is No Income for them, and their needs together are great. As a neighbor who loves them, I am asking you to search your heart and wallets and see what you can do to help them.These good humans need some rescue help, now. Pat needs a safe vehicle in which she travel back and forth to the doctors in Wilmington and to vets. Please, keep them in your prayers throughout this year, and see what you can do to help them today. Little bits help. Even a few gallons of gas will help. Pat knows that God is a Good God and He uses people who care, like you. I have been blessed to know those who gather around with Pat to change the lives of so many animals. I know you guys have true compassion, and that you are the Best! I've seen you in action!

Will you consider a chip in for both Pat Lambert and Jimmy Soles? I know that when your heart gives in kindness, it will come back multiplied to you.

Signed, Samaritan neighbors, with a cause, (Luke 10:27)

Suzin and Walter McNeill

Please state that this is specifically for them right now, and not just the animal rescue.

Send your Hearts Help here, Chip-In: Pat Lambert and Jimmy Soles